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Airtime Pro Wireless Earbuds, New, Sealed


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Airtime Pro
Truly wireless earbuds
Brand new
Purple , IFROGZ is a headphone brand under the umbrella of ZAGG Brands, an American mobile device accessory. It has a 15-year history of development and is committed to let everyone get high-quality headphones and eartips. Therefore, the technical advantages of the audio industry are adopted in the terminal products, such as dual drivers, wireless control functions, waterproof and noise reduction functions, while eliminating all unnecessary additional functions such as brand hype and celebrity endorsements. In 2020, electronic products are emphasizing a concept-“environmental protection”, and IFROGZ has also been to “eliminate all unnecessary price-increasing additional functions”, so IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 also uses a simpler packaging, of course this is not mine What I am concerned about is that I am more concerned about the appearance of the ea

As for the appearance of IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2, I use three words to describe them, namely “white”, “cool” and “full”.

The so-called “white” means white without any extra modifiers. It is the purest white, which is the most classic traditional white; at the top of the charging case is the classic logo of IFRROGZ. The collision between the silver mark and white makes the whole The charging case is full of “cool” feeling; the front of the charging case is a display light, the right side is a Type-C interface, and the bottom is a wireless charging logo, which can be said to be a “full”.

rphones and charging case than the packaging. The reason is simple. This is the “face-seeing era”. It is worth noting that the Type-C charging port on the right is also specially equipped with a dust plug, which can effectively avoid the ingress of dust when you do not perform daily charging work or are used to wireless charging. The integrity of the entire charging case. When the charging case is opened, the magnetic attraction can be clearly felt. The entire opening and closing process is crisp and clean, and the texture is full. In contrast, many wireless earphones that also use magnetic design are often open and closed. Very slow. Of course, what needs to be reminded is that the white charging case also has certain drawbacks, such as “dirt resistance”, which must be cleaned in time. IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Combined with Wi-Fi, it can assist in positioning indoor locations, increase transmission speed, and increase effective working distance. 5mm audio speakers and 50Hz-20KHz frequency response can bring excellent sound effects. Under normal circumstances, everyone likes to choose songs such as “Ferry” for sound quality testing, but in my opinion, the most conventional songs can truly reflect the excellence of a earphones, so I chose the most commo

From the actual experience, the IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 is sincere and warm in the high-pitched part, while the low-pitched part is soothing and subtle, which fully interprets the emotion of the whole music.

Battery life

In this era of severe “homogenization” of electronic products, wireless earphones will inevitably appear similarities and similarities. In order to make a difference, in addition to appearance, earphones battery life may be the most obvious change in perception. Taking the industry benchmark Apple AirPods Pro as an example, its earphone listening time can be up to 5 hours in non-active noise reduction mode. With wireless charging case, it can provide more than 24 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time. To perform well enough, you must have a more outstanding battery life than AirPods Pro. According to the official introduction, IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 has 5 hours of earphones battery life and 25 hours of charging case battery life, that is, it can provide up to 30 hours of playback time, which is completely sufficient for regular users. Of course, it may not be enough for heavy users. However, it should be noted that IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 is equipped with a wireless charging function that is rarely available at the same price, which means that at any fragmented time, we can complete the charging of IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2. For example, I am a heavy user. , Start to use at 9 in the morning, 11:30 to go out to eat and start charging; start at 1:30 in the afternoon, basically can continue to use at home at 6:30.


In addition to appearance, sound quality, and battery life, IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO 2 also supports IPX5 sweat and water resistance, smart touch, etc., which can meet the needs of our daily sports earphones, and the entire function coverage is relatively complete.



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