To all valued customers if you purchase a product on 50stateswireless.com/product page and you use one of the financing companies on our website that offer customers buy now pay later options like PayPal, affirm, Afterpay , shop pay , Shopify and other that we do business with  please know that these financing services can take up to 10 business days to fund 50stateswireless.com for the sale of a product. Starting from today 3/1/2024  50stateswireless.com will not ship out any products sold though these financing payment options until we are funded , refunds though these services can take up to 21 business days, not all customers will qualify for these payment options Please contact a financial advisor before making any financial decisions 50stateswireless.com isn’t responsible for your financial decisions. All prices on our website exclude sales taxes which has to be paid by the customer, if you purchase a product from 50stateswireless.com  and there is a glitch in our checkout platform which did not collect taxes or miscellaneous fees we will not ship your purchase out until the sales taxes and fees are collected, if this happens while you are making a purchase please call us ASAP at 877-249-8548  or email us@50stateswireless.com so we resolve the matter.This disclaimer was created by ownership no expectations thank you